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Domestic reed beds and wetlands are suitable for the treatment and storm water management of waste waters. Domestic reed beds offer flexible designs for secondary and tertiary treatment prior to discharge to surface waters/or to groundwater via percolation/polishing filters.


In domestic situations a reed bed is placed after primary treatment (e.g. from a septic tank). Domestic reed beds are sized at 5m2/pe for secondary treatment (i.e. < 20/20 BOD5/SS). However by upsizing using an additional 1m2/pe, tertiary treatment (<5/5) is achieved. If secondary treatment is already achieved with a tank/treatment system, tertiary beds can be used and sized accordingly.

Past experience


We have numerous examples of single house domestic systems (reed bed, pond, wetland, willow beds) throughout the north-west and beyond.

Multiple houses, Co. Fermanagh – tertiary reed bed

Housing estate, Co. Wexford – tertiary reed bed.

Organic Centre, Co. Donegal – secondary reed bed and tertiary wetland


Multi house, Co. Donegal – secondary reed bed and tertiary wetland

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